ovine Bossy looked at the sky,
And wondered "Can I jump that high?"
She pondered that some,
And being quite dumb,
She thought she would give it a try.

She'd think, and she'd walk, and she'd sit,
And say, "Before venturing it,
I'd best get in shape,
Subsist on a grape,
For this leap, I'll have to be fit."

She joined a small aerobics group,
Ate nothing but gruel and soup,
Then, while others slept,
She finally leapt,
Leaving earth with a wild war whoop.

She soared like a big brown balloon,
But got there a little too soon,
That poor bovine rover,
Did not make it over
But fell with a crash on the moon.

The man in the moon passes her by,
As she just sits there wondering why
She escaped the earth's pull
To a place with no bull,
And a life that is udderly dry.